In Sardinia, in the southern part of the Sinis peninsula along the road that leads to the ancient city of Tharros we find the village of Cabras “San Giovanni di Sinis”; quaint and charming town that has long been a small fishing village. From the point of view of archaeological and tourist landmarks are two:


The Church of San Giovanni

Located near the small village of the same name, the church is built on a cemetery in pagan and Christian later. Oriented to the east with the apse and built of sandstone blocks …read more


The Tower of San Giovanni

Between the sixteenth and seventeenth century, on the initiative of the Crown of Spain, were built along the coast of the Sinis Cabras the towers of St. John, of Old Tower (or San Marco) and the Sevo (Turr’e Seu).  …read more



The village of San Salvatore

The village of San Salvatore is a temporary religious centre like so many others scattered around the whole Sardinia. It consists of several houses, mostly small, arranged in rows around  …leggi


The hypogeum of San Salvatore

The hypogeum (underground) located below the church of San Salvatore is constituted by a complex of spaces excavated in the rock at the bottom and constructed with rows of bricks alternating with …leggi