Welcome to Cabras, tourist destination of excellence (EDEN 2009)

Mentioned in 2009 “Destinazione Turistica d’Eccellenza” from European Union, the Sinis Peninsula and therritory of Cabras, have been selected for their environmental and cultural peculiarities that make it known all over the world. A really important mention that reward an area with a development that embraces a social, cultural and environmental sustainability of tourism.
The third edition of the project dedicated to “Tourism and protected areas” has been winned by the Area Marina Protetta “Penisola del Sinis – Isola di Mal di Ventre” that took over about 50 protected areas and classified at the first place on top of: Parco Naturale Orsiera Rocciavre Riserve del Chianocco Foresto (Piemonte), Riserva Naturale Valli del Mincio (Lombardia), Parco Regionale dei Colli Euganei (Veneto) and Riserva Naturale di Montecasolidi Bomarzo (Lazio).
A record setting territory, able to carry you away and give you emotions overwhelmed by nature and relax, where variety and beauty of landscapes blend with a exstraordinary cultural richness.
The Sinis peninsula charmed many traveller generations and still, nowadays offers authentic and various aspects, where changes over time and an anthropogenic presence that changed the territory are clearly visible.
Visit the Sinis Peninsula over springtime, the waking up season, that left behind the silence distinctive during wintertime, and gives colours, scents and sounds of the natural eniviroment formed byunique ecosystem and protected areas. An harmonious whole of adventure and relax, uncontaminated nature and quality services, history and unique customs, waiting for you to live them.
We welcome you to the Penisola del Sinis, rispect it and live it as if it was your home.
Enjoy your Holidays!