In order to prevent and contain the spread of the contagion from Covid -19, the archaeological area of Tharros has reorganised the services and spaces and has activated all necessary measures to improve the use and make the visitor experience pleasant and safe.

  • To have access to the site it is obligatory to book by phoning +39 0783 370019.
  • It is also possible to buy tickets via the official ticket office portal at
  • Access to the archaeological area of Tharros will be denied to persons showing flu-like symptoms, with a body temperature of 37,5° C or more, and to persons who had close contact with someone who tested positive for covid-19 in last 14 days.
  • A maximum of 100 visitors at a time will be allowed into the site. In order to facilitate the flow of visitors it will be necessary to arrive 15 minutes in advance of the time of the booking.
  • It is obligatory to wear a mask (also for children over 6 years of age) during the reception procedures, the guided tour and at any time when it is not possible to maintain the interpersonal distance between visitors.
  • It is obligatory to disinfect the hands before entering the site and the toilets.
  • It is obligatory to maintain an interpersonal distance of 1 meter between visitors and 3 meters from the guide during the guided tours.
  • In order to ensure a safe visit for everyone and to avoid gatherings, a one-way tour is provided and visitors are requested to follow it carefully.

During the month of June and July the archaeological area of Tharros can be visited from 9 to 7.

Last admission at 6.15 pm


Cultural siteTypologyPrice
MuseumSingle9,00 €
TharrosSingle9,00 €
TowerSingle4,00 €
Museum + TharrosCombined13,00 €
Tharros + TowerCombined11,00 €
Museum + Tharros + TowerCombined15,00 €
Mont'e PramaSingle8,00 €
Chiesa e Ipogeo S.SalvatoreSingle10,00 €


Cultural siteTypologyPrice
MuseumSingle7,00 €
TharrosSingle7,00 €
TowerSingle3,00 €
Museum + TharrosCombined11,00 €
Tharros + TowerCombined9,00 €
Museum + Tharros + TowerCombined12,00 €
Mont'e PramaSingle7,00 €
Chiesa e Ipogeo S.SalvatoreSingle8,00 €


Cultural siteTypologyPrice
MuseumSingle5,00 €
TharrosSingle5,00 €
TowerSingle2,00 €
Museum + TharrosCombined7,00 €
Tharros + TowerCombined6,50 €
Museum + Tharros + TowerCombined unique8,00 €
Mont'e PramaSingle4,00 €
Chiesa e Ipogeo S.SalvatoreSingle5,00 €


Cultural site
Museum + Tharros + Tower
  • Residenti nel comune di Cabras
  • Minors between the ages of 0 and 5 years old
  • Disabled people and their companion
  • Guided Tours of the European Union in the exercise of their professional activities by showing a valid license issued by the competent authority
  • Member of I.C.O.M. (International Council of Museums)
  • University professors and researchers of matters relating to archeology and cultural heritage, by showing a valid photo ID
  • Students of degree courses, postgraduate and doctoral research university with relevance to archeology and cultural heritage, by showing the certificate of registration or the university book is valid for the current academic year
  • Journalists on production of a valid identification document relating to the publication of articles or reviews on museum collections and / or territory
  • For purposes of study or research previously authorized by the Superintendency
  • Conservatives fees of inspectors and the Ministry of Heritage and Cultural Activities member of I.C.C.R.O.M.
  • Archaeologists of the central and local offices of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture through the submission of appropriate document
  • Archaeologists professionals through presentation of suitable proof
  • * means to a group of at least 20 people
  • ** equipped with a card or student card valid